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ChaLEAN Extreme Results Too Good To Be True?

Chalean Extreme Results

Chalean Extreme Results Rock

If you have purchased the latest exercise DVD only to find it gathering dust on a shelf, you are not alone.

Television and website promos about ChaLEAN Extreme results get us all excited about getting started; however, by the time the exercise program arrives we have lost interest or we find we cannot fit it into our busy schedule.  If we begin the program, we often find it is too extreme or we do not get the promised results.

ChaLEAN Extreme

In this article I will share with you the results you can potentially achieve when you purchase ChaLEAN Extreme for your in-home fitness program.  By the end of this article you will have the information you need to decide whether ChaLEAN Extreme results are the results you are looking for.

What Are ChaLEAN Extreme Results?

Let’s face it; very few of us are happy with our bodies and want to make changes to improve them.

One way to do so is by using an in-home fitness workout program such as a jam turbo or p90x workout or by paying money we may not be able to afford to purchase a gym membership so we can lose lbs.  However, do we get the results we are looking for?  Do we spend long hours sweating to an exercise program that delivers less than what it promised?  Exercising will always produce an improvement in our bodies but are they the results you are looking for?

How are ChaLEAN Extreme Results Different?

Cardio workouts target lungs, circulation, and endurance but require longer, more intense workouts to burn even small amounts of body fat.   Weight training mostly increases muscle mass while often neglecting the important cardio needs.

ChaLEAN Extreme results combine the best of each type of workout to achieve results different from the individual workouts, such as:

  • Develops lean muscle mass instead of bulking you up.
  • Strengthens major muscle groups.
  • Boosts metabolism by increasing lean muscle mass.
  • Burns up to 60% of body fat (as claimed on the official web site).
  • Takes off inches while sculpting the body.
  • Short workouts of only 30-45 minutes.

What Others Have to Say About ChaLEAN Extreme

“When I took the last measurements I almost didn’t believe the results — 16 inches? Almost 18 pounds lost? Incredible!”  Carolina – Peas {In A Blog}“

I lost 30 lbs and 24 inches off my body…[and] wear a size smaller than I did when I weighed 15 lbs lighter.” Comerneal – Calorie Count forum

Where Can I Purchase ChaLEAN Extreme?

If you decide you want to purchase ChaLEAN Extreme for yourself, here are a couple things you should know.  You can purchase this program from numerous web sites all over the Internet but not all web sites are the same.

I spent some time researching different web sites and discovered the safest and most secure web site is the official ChaLEAN Extreme web site.  This web site is the only one offering all the bonus materials that come with your order.  You pay only $19.95 for shipping charges

According to the web site, when you purchase your fitness program through the official ChaLEAN Extreme web site, your order will contain the original six DVD’s containing 15 workouts but that is not all.  You will also receive:

Support Materials

  • Muscle Burns Fat guidebook
  • Body Fat Tester

Five Free Gifts

  • Ab Burner DVD
  • Extreme Abs DVD
  • Fat Burner For Women And Men Food Guide
  • Pro-Grade Resistance Band with handles
  • Thigh Toner Band

The shipping charge is only $19.95 for standard 2 – 3 week delivery or you can request a FREE upgrade to Express Delivery to receive your order in only 5 – 7 business days.

The best part of all is that the ChaLEAN Extreme official web site offers a no questions asked, 90 day, 100% money-back guarantee.  What this means is that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return it for a full refund and owe nothing.  You also get to keep the five free gifts for trying out the program to see if the ChaLEAN Extreme results are for you.


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