Mar 18

How I lost 60 pounds! My Weight Loss Tips & Tricks! (2012)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Janet Black

    Great tips :) 

  2. Shelby Rose

    “Do what you can until you can do better.” Best piece of weight loss advice
    ever! It really helps and makes me feel better about my journey, thank you!

  3. Liia Soup

    omg its like my 100th time watching this video, This video kept me
    motivated thru out my weight loss journey and so far i lost 57 pounds and i
    just turned 16….i watch this video soooo sooo much because it keeps me
    motivated and it keeps me going :)

  4. Mariessa Joseph

    I have just found your page and Im one week jnto my workouts and better
    living effort and I must say I have spoken to alot of people about this
    journey and no one has impacted me the way this video just did! Thanks for
    the encouraging words!!!

  5. soymiguelalejandro23

    Thanks Mami. I am so here for this! #subscribed :) 

  6. Erica Rodriguez

    Thank you so much for sharing this, I’m definitely going to use this
    achieve my weightloss goal!

  7. pasadenagym

    you go gurl way to motivate folks with this great video and losing some lbs

  8. Latrisa Woods

    Thanks for the tips they really were helpful. I’m starting my work out and
    regimen now.

  9. starburstbabyy

    thank you so much for your honesty! just subscribed


    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Noa abramov

    My best tip would be to throw out almost everything you love that is not
    healthy. Because if it’s there, you’ll eat it. At least I will ;) awesome

  12. Thelma Phiri

    I lost weght thxs so much

  13. Caroline Appel

    loved this video. thank you so muchhh!

  14. xWooftaa

    This video is amazinggggg. The realist weightloss video I’ve watched,
    thanks for being real!

  15. bonnaceo

    Thank you for the video. I listen to it while I am at work focusing on not

  16. wingsonmyback1

    Great tips, thank you so much

  17. leanne lara

    so beautiful before and after! glad your healthy and happy!

  18. kaikaleidescope

    Wow you are my biggest inspiration to start living a healthy lifestyle and
    wanting to lose weight healthily. You are so beautiful and so motivating!!!
    I admire you a lot-thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! You
    are incredibly and crazy beautiful! Thanks so much I hope I’ll be able to
    lose the eight kilos I’ve always wanted and tone up! Love xxxx

  19. Melissa Barnes

    what did you eat while on diet

  20. sabrine farjallah

    Wow girl great transformation! We’ll done

  21. LaDelle Ganter

    You look awesome!! good work! I lost 100lbs! Its hard work but it sure pays

  22. Irene B

    Thank you for uploading this video, I want to start my own weight loss
    journey and I’m hoping to achieve just like what you have achieved. You are
    such an inspiration.

  23. Jennifer Sadler

    You video helped remind my why I am on this journey and that its so
    possible you look great 

  24. Kenyara Watson

    Im very inspired u motivated me to lost weight i can do it ive been in the
    2hundreds since i had my kids especially when i gained my 255 i drop 2
    pounds i was 253 in lost another pound 252 then gained it back to 255 but
    im really going to lose my weight cause its in me to lose it i already know
    how long it will take me to lose it to dec1,2013 + may29,2014 im 255 im 5″8
    i suppose to be 160 i can do it o know i can i got faith in the lord thank
    u hun for sharing ur awesome story :)

  25. nandanaable

    If you want to bulk up, you should do a Google search “Hexcul Ripped
    Max”. They can help you get the body you deserve.

  26. Leanna Tallmeister

    you have such a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing so honestly, and
    exposing the truth about how being overweight and/or ill can really feel
    inside. God bless xo

  27. TessaLoveTH

    amazing results, good job ! did you get a boobjob though? becouse everyone
    knows that boobs are fat and you loose that wait faster then the other fat
    normaly xx

  28. kelz lelisma

    hey, u have completely inspired me. im in the 200 hundreds, 210 to be
    exact. i really need to loose the fat. did u experience loose skin? how did
    u avoid getting it?

  29. itsareeej

    I’ve already lost 30pounds but after its beenn hard to drop the rest of the
    wieght, I do eat very health amd I go to gym 5-6 times a week buty numbers
    are not changing sometimes I do feel like giving up but then I come back to
    this video and push harder

  30. Shelby Montague

    You are such an inspiration! I’ve just had the worst week of my life
    because I lost sight of who I am. I’m now up to finding me again and your
    Vlog is my kick start. Thank you x

  31. D Wright Person

    Thanks for sharing your AWESOME story honey! I am beginning a weight loss
    journey to lose 40 lbs and getting started is sooo hard. Seeing your video
    gave me hope and motivation! Thanks again :)

  32. RockChild239

    WOW this is AMAZING! I have 7 months before I go on Vacation to Cali, and
    that is my motivation, but I can never push myself to my full potential.
    You are so inspiring =)…

  33. SuperShen13

    I feel pessimistic about losing weight. But seeing your determination to do
    so I feel like at least I also have to try my best.

  34. ree ree madison

    CONGRADUTLATIONS!!!! You were already pretty, now you shine. I’m on that
    same journey, and yes it feels like an uphill battle but your results keep
    me inspired. Be blessed.

  35. shanterra21

    I am hoping to find the same strength you did to lose your weight I am
    currently trying to reach my goal of 70lbs lost so please what ever you did
    to lose can you give me some inspiration to help me on this journey not
    just for me but so I can have energy for my little one ^_^ ty.

  36. oscar rea



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  38. jeffrey1296

    fat girls that lose weight, always end up with a natural bigass and boobies

  39. moonlawyer

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