Jun 28

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting – 3 Simple Tips

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Diet Tips - 5 tips to help you control your portions

I lost 7 kg’s in 3 months last year! In this video I share 5 tips to help you to control your portions so you don’t overeat. BEFORE PICTURE: http://www.wengi…
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  1. hainto thez

    Here Is a tip for people to loose weight…STOP EATING SO MUCH AND


  2. Frances Weathers

    i lose lot of fat all i do is instruction of Doctor Endorsed
    check this — FATSLOSS. TK

  3. Reina Paloma

    you are very intelligent & very well spoken! I definitely u appreciated the
    way u broke down all topics in this video! thank you for sharing! <3

  4. dharma doll

    Thnks for the upload.. :))))

  5. Kathleen Phoue

    great vid it’s very informative. thank u

  6. Coco Holic

    Oh PLEASE!!!!! It’s only common sense you’re talking about, everyone knows

  7. Yoga for the Beginner

    Thanks Joanna for that nice video. Yoga is one healthy way to stay healthy
    and fit.

  8. Kimberly Lang

    aww your so cute this helped ,me alot :D

  9. David Simons

    Do you actually count your calories? Or, do you just go by how you feel?
    Satisfied meaning that you have ate enough, but not too many, calories?
    And, unsatisfied meaning that you haven’t ate enough food? I was just
    wondering because I hate counting calories. And, as long as I just eat a
    decent amount of food, do you think I would be Okay in doing that? I just
    found out I have pre-diabetes. So, I am definitely trying my BEST to eat
    better (and lose weight). Just wondered what your opinion on this would be.
    Thanks for the awesome video, too. Loved listening to you. You seem very
    knowledgeable! (:

  10. cacique311

    I do not want to offend you or judge you but what is your education degree?
    by the way you are pretty.

  11. Hannelore Brehuescu

    Hey Joanna! I’m a school girl and I usually get up at 7 and don’t have the
    right time to eat my breakfast so I skip it.
    I usually eat at school at 10 o’clock a banana and at 1 p.m. an apple or
    some biscuits. After school I go straight to my basketball practice or to
    private hours. (btw I always get hungry at school so I grab something from
    the store to eat beetween the classes)
    I usually eat lunch at 5.30 p.m. I don’t know if it is the right time to
    I don’t eat dinner beacuse I’m afraid to put on weight while eating after 6
    p.m. I usually eat snackes while watching Tv. (I’m eating around 8-9 p.m.
    so again, it’s a mistake)
    Please help! I’m 13 years old, 163 cm = 64.2 inches, 55-56 kg =123 lbs.
    I really want to lose weight. Thank you!

  12. AlsbeanNaturally

    It would be nice to see what you eat in a typical day just to get a visual
    of a healthy meal planned day

  13. Nandita Km

    hi,i used eat well during morning but i am not at all hungry during lunch
    time..so some times i wont eat is it a good habit??if no can you plss
    advice me plss

  14. andrej kumer

    “if you start to fell hungry after 1 hour of the meal, that means u have
    eaten to little”-well my stomach eats everything within 1 hour and demands
    more even if i ate too much, any tips?.. i have 115kg-male

  15. gogo ali

    hi jana,i like your video so much
    i was120k.g i fallow adiet &i lost weight .i was 69 before 4monthes &i stop
    so i gain wieght now iam 79
    i can’t controle my self i can’t stop eating &i don’t have money to fallow
    special diet. Can u help me

  16. Beth Ann

    Thank you so much for your video! It really helped me understand why people
    say to eat more often and also why cutting carbs out completely is a bad
    thing. Thank!

  17. Mey DeLuna

    Johanna What’s Your website ?

  18. dashing.princes princes


  19. cutie baliw

    wow I love this

  20. emilio tomas

    Hodge twins says no

  21. Jiji A Tuzon

    I would like to try.

  22. Mary Meyan Malabanan

    hello, i’m 18 and i’m really trying to lose weight, i just want to ask if
    Fitbar as a snack conducive to losing weight…


    is noodels good food?

  24. Brallectra Imani


  25. Mai .N

    It’s Daiso

  26. Tian Wang

    what’s the name of the asian market that you bought your utensils? Dietso?

  27. NeonNeonNeonNeonBomb

    oh it sucks being petite :( just want to eat til my heart is content

  28. Mega Elichan

    i looooooove your accent <3

  29. lauryn lopez

    can u do a video on asian food to eat u have high cholesterol love ur
    videos btw c:

  30. Jinseo Lim

    I am pretty sure to get Calories from KJ its KJ / 4.2

  31. trueserenecat

    I love how she makes that blond hair work for her!

  32. Viola Vili

    you’re so cute:)

  33. TVBcrazy21

    She’s 158cm

  34. animeluvaXP

    Hahaha food coma…..

  35. lilliana mendez

    this is really a big help honestly haha do you know how to make skin clear
    up from acne i need help with that i used to put lemon but i guess it
    doesn’t work for me no more

  36. Alyss

    how tall are you?

  37. Pamela Yeo

    i love your takeaway box tip! thank you!!!

  38. Hel Angel

    omg i love your videos :3 which editing programme do you use?

  39. zheng maggie

    Where did you buy that sweater! I love it! T.T

  40. Alehina Alex

    I like your blouse! It’s so super cute!

  41. pigglycow

    What do you do if you go out to dinner where someone else is buying your
    meal? Recently, I had dinner with my boyfriend’s parents and I forced
    myself to eat everything on my plate. I felt like it would be rude to leave
    food because they might think that I was unappreciative or that the food
    didn’t taste good.

  42. Addsii Dimitrova

    Hey, just want to ask a few questions :D What is your nationality and how
    old are you? I guess you don’t live with your parents AND OBVIOUSLY you
    love pink!! :D

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